Friday, 21 January 2011

Blogs, Battle Engines and Badass Blade-wielding Boss-elves.

First things first, I have to plug a new blog I'm a part of - The Western Immoren Economy Tour is a blog from my local gaming group as we build up new forces over the year on a budget of £30 (roughly US $50) a month.  It's a bit wordy at the moment, but we're gonna start making it more about the pictures and the story soon!  Should be good!

Secondly, if you haven't seen it, the Retribution Battle Engine was put up on today's (yesterday's?) Insider, and it's suh-weeeeeeeeeet!  From the looks of the concept art from Matt Wilson, it'll have a Deathstar style mega doom ray and, even if it doesn't, I'm sure it'll be awesome.  I'll be getting one, maybe two if FA and my current finances allows.

Finally, I've been playing around with a great fun list recently;

Dawnlord Vyros
2 Hydras
2 Phoenixes

It looks like it should be rubbish, but it's actually very effective.  Load the Hydras up on the first turn and send them against the 'jacks.  Send the Phoenixes against the infantry, and Narn against solos/support.  Narn has yet to actually kill anything, but he has created a bizarre level of fear among my group and serves as an excellent distraction.  I'll be playing this for a while alongside my Circle, but one of the players in my group is getting Zerkova, and I may have to break out Kaelyssa...

Anyway!  Next time on Preventive Measures...  Here's hoping I can shanghai my mate's digital camera so I can show you guys some awful fit-induced paint splatters on otherwise beautiful minis!