Tuesday, 2 October 2012

IKRPG! Session 2 - KHDR Street Football.

9th Octesh, 608AR (still)

Having finally got to their HQ, the Guard took to settling in, exploring the warehouse they'd been given and discovering that, while their stuff had been delivered, that was the only stuff in the building.  Having decided that they should look towards getting some money in to both furnish their building and just to simply get food, they split up to spend the rest of the day getting money;

Ivan introduced himself to Ivan Yurakin, the nearby alchemist, and offered his services as another alchemist willing to make various concoctions for him.  A payment of a third of the street price per elixir was agreed upon, and he spent the rest of the afternoon brewing potions for the man.

Vladimir and Demitri asked around about ways of getting the money they'd got from the thugs earlier in the day (last week) changed up for real cash.  They eventually discovered that the best person to go to was a man named Yusuf Krann, a Money changer in Uhliburg who specialises in blank coins.  After discovering that Yusuf Krann is actually a crotchety Rynn who doesn't actually understand Khadoran, they managed to negotiate through the beautiful language of coin to get 30 gold for the 55 blanks they picked up.  On the way back, they managed to pick up a cheap stove from an ironmonger's for 18 gold and Vladimir's axe from his time in the Winter Guard.

Josef and Lyudmilla went to the local guard house to find bounties, finding a standing bounty on bandits in the area and a large list of people who have gone missing from the docks in the last few years.  After this, Lyudmilla went to the other guard houses to see if they had any other outstanding bounties, and Josef went to the courthouse to attempt to get an invitation to any local balls or parties, only to be told that they didn't know who he was, and would not give him an invitation until he had made a name for himself in the city.

Flim was...  Tasked with looking after the HQ and starting to clean up.

After they had all finished their tasks and returned home, they discovered that the two taverns on their street, the Firey Anvil and the Dunked Dregg, both had large crowds in front of them.  As they watched, the two crowds started chanting at each other as a ball was thrown into the middle of the street.  Three men from each crowd ran out and started hitting each other and trying to kick the ball.  Quickly working out that a rudimentary and frankly brutal sport was being played in front of him, Ivan ran in as one of the men went down and quickly joined the scrum before being punched in the face and going down himself.

Vladimir silently looted a few people's pockets (including Ivan's...) under the pretence of making sure they were OK, and then the group retired to their HQ to plan for their next move...