Thursday, 9 September 2010

First ever Retribution Battle! 25 points Rahn Vs Epic Kreoss

Alright, I had my first battle last night and seeing as I can barely remember what happened (psych outs and sowing confusion are common tactics in my meta) I'll just write down the important points;

First up, the lists...

I had Rahn, 2 Phoenixes, a unit of Battle Mages, three Magisters and an Arcanist, played in this game by Stryker, two Manglers, a unit of Trenchers, three Long Gunners and Rutger Shaw.

My honourable opponent (who hasn't won yet) had Epic Kreoss, a Crusader, a Redee...  Reve...  Repen... Rele...  The one with the flame thrower, a Devout, ten Exemplar Errantss and five Cinerators.

The set up was massively cluttered, just the way we like it - a small village and a small station that looked like a Tatooine Water Farm were in the opposite corners with a load of crates, barrels and Menoth's Fury vats in the middle.  Despite my belief they should, it was eventually ruled that the Menoth Fury wouldn't explode in a cataclysmic chain reaction, destroying everything on the table if they're hit with anything that has Damage Type : Fire.  They just counted as cover and extra damage for the inevitable slams.

The armies set up almost directly opposite each other.  The Menites set up in a huge turtle with the Crusader and Errants to the front, Cinerators to the rear and the light 'jacks just off to the side.  I went on a slightly wider front with the Magisters and the Mages setting up to flank the majority of the Menite force.  And now, for the highlights in a vaguely chronological order...

First shot of the game - Rahn arced a Force Hammer straight into the Crusader, killing three Errants, knocking down a Cinerator and stopping less than an inch away from Kreoss.

Rahn's Feat - the Mages and two Magisters obliterated the remaining Exemplars before they could fire a shot while Rahn himself used Telekinesis to move the Crusader next to a Phoenix and turning it directly away (I hereby christen this move "The Enema", and intend to use it as much as possible).  Didn't destroy the damn thing with a full three Focus and Concentrated Power, but took it's Mace off and set it on fire, so I'm happy.

The charge of the Cinerators - the Cinerators, Kreoss and the Menite Light 'jacks run into the Mages' melee range.  The Mages successfully do bugger all to the Menites (missing four attacks straight on the Devout at the height of the pointy-eared failure) before the Cinerators' next turn when they subsequently obliterated everything within half an inch of them.

The fuckup of the Phoenix - Kreoss, on a full seven Focus, is Enema'd (see?  Told you I'd use it) by a Phoenix with three Focus.  The Phoenix, needing five to hit, manages to roll a total of three on two dice, five times in a row.  Fuck.  Theorymachine.  Odds.

Kreoss earns the name "beat stick" - To get the Telekinesis off, I had to move Rahn within eight inches, with a straight line of empty ground between him and Kreoss.  Taking the Free Strike (that left him on three health...), Kreoss walked leisurely up to the Elf, found himself just in melee range, popped his feat and boosted all the damage rolls, leaving the entire area covered in Iosan Warcaster body parts.

I've learnt a few things from this game, mainly that the law of averages can suck my balls.  On a more specific note, the Advance Move from Rahn's Tier list is spectacularly powerful, and the ability of the majority of my army to move the enemy around and knock them down is insane for breaking up charges and generally screwing with plans.

Also, I would pay a premium for a Battle Mage Unit Attachment that gave them Combo Strike, not even Smite, just Strike!  It would be hilarious AND make my turn a lot shorter.

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