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IKRPG! Life in Khardov, Part 2 : House Katzoff

So, last time I gave an overview of the factions of Khardov, and now I'm going to go into more detail about each of the groups in turn (and throw in some pictures, too!).

House Katzoff is responsible for almost a third of the manufacturing in Khardov, specialising in Steamjacks and with a sideline in gun manufacturing.  Naturally, as you might think, House Katzoff has a lot of military contracts, and Katzoff himself has re-invested the money from these into muscling out his competition by funding assassinations, corporate espionage and even the occasional legitimate business practices.

Like all good successful Kayazy, House Katzoff is involved in various less-than-legal activities.  Drago Katzoff himself is personally involved with a series of brothels throughout Khardov and works with his bodyguard and confidante, a woman known only as Madame Blaustavya, to keep them running.  While this isn't illegal in itself, these are used as a front for assassination, blackmail and gun running.  And there's probably a lot of shady backroom deals done there, too.

Drago Katzoff
Drago Katzoff is a Skirov industrialist who has moved to Khardov to make his fortune.  Over the last few years, he's gone from obscurity to being the premier producer of military-grade mechanika in the area, and has made a rather impressive pile of gold in the process.  He's a true poster child for Khadoran capitalism, and one of the rags to riches stories that other young Khadorans are already told of.  In every way, Drago Katzoff is a gentleman, a patriot and an inspiration to the nation.

He has the fu manchu goatee of smarminess.  I hope my players hate him as much as I do.

Drago Katzoff doesn't exist.

Three years ago, the man who would be Katzoff was known as Drogo Musevni, an Umbrean Greylord working in Llael.  During a mission to infiltrate an organisation known as the Free Umbrean League, he discovered that his personal views and the organisations' were in alignment, and he slowly found himself being indoctrinated into the group.  After revealing his current situation to the League's leadership and offering his services, they "disappeared" him, and a new man was born.  Now, "Katzoff" makes a fortune to send back to his new masters, as well as the occasional "missing" shipment of warjacks and weaponry.

Katzoff also has a few tricks up his sleeve to surprise anyone who tries to take him on in anything other than the sneakiest of ways.  His new persona is not known as a spellcaster, and he carries a magical Orgoth weapon known as Ironhater, a sword that can take control of any cortex nearby, sapping the wielder's strength to force a steamjack to act well beyond it's operational parameters.  In essence, the first people who try to attack him will discover a man who, far from being a simple aristocrat, is close to being a full-fledged warcaster...

Madame Blaustavya
Not much is known about the woman who calls herself Madame Blaustavya, except for her legendary beauty and grace.  It is believed that she was the daughter of one of the workers in one of Katzoff's factories, and that she was noticed by the lord when she came back from her stationing with the Winter Guard.  Although originally taken as a personal escort, she quickly proved both her intelligence and ability in combat, and was elevated to the position of overseer of the brothels in Khardov.

She'd be so much hotter if I could paint well.

Not only is Blaustavya a naturally competent fighter, but Katzoff has also brought in multiple fighters from across Western Immoren to train her in varying fighting styles.  This, combined with Vashyyr, her mechanikal Nyss Claymore, has made her a deadly assassin and bodyguard for the Kayazy lord.

Andrei Drogovya & Odei Thunderforge
The joint heads of House Katzoff's foundries, Drogovya and Thunderforge are responsible for a large number of the technical improvements that have come out of Khador in the last few years.  While they aren't party to the more illicit workings of House Katzoff, they are still committed to the cause, and will fight to defend their foundries if an errant group of players try to move in.

Thunderforge is the little one.  Glad I could help.

To a greater (in Drogovya's case) or lesser (in Thunderforge's case) extent, both of these mechaniks have suffered injuries in the line of work.  Thunderforge suffers from terrible burns down the left hand side of his body from a smelting accident, and Drogovya lives in a mechanikal suit that powers his replacement arm and leg, which were lost in the line of craftsmanship when a warjack fell on him.  While many would think this would prove they were poor mechaniks, they see this as proof that they have made mistakes they have clearly learnt from.  Their version seems to be the right one, as little setbacks like losing two limbs seems to have only sharpened Drogovya's mind to further heights of genius.

Actually fighting these guys will be a masterclass in unpleasantness, as they both pack some kind of flame thrower - Thunderforge has his arc welder, and Drogovya has an in-built flame belcher on his mechanikal arm.  While they may not be the greatest combatants, they DO threaten burning their opponents to death.  Which just isn't a nice way to go.

Well, there's a slightly more in depth look into House Katzoff, the house that shouldn't exist.  Next up, I'll be looking slightly more in depth into House Ryumin, the house of whispers.

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