Thursday, 9 December 2010

I still hate the Invictors...

It seems like only yesterday, I was saying how much I hated the Dawnguard models in all their infinite stupid tiny shinguardiness.  Then the Sentinels grew on me, and now, today...  These guys.  These are the sexiest cavalry in the game.  These are nicer than the Tharn Wolf Riders.  These are nicer than watching Garryth carve up Basic Stryker on his Feat turn.

I will own them.  I will get a unit and I shall hold them tight and use their awesome to keep me warm, saving a fortune on heating bills.

Anyway, I haven't been on for a while, and I wanted to give an update!  The group I play with has expanded, from the two I had at the start of this blog (including me), to a healthy 6.  In the new year, we're all starting a new faction but, rather than just buying craptons of stuff at once, we're limiting ourselves to £30 ($50 US) a month to buy new toys!  I'll try to keep up to date here as well as on a new blog - I'm playing Circle Orboros, so I figure Preventive Measures makes sense still :p

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