Thursday, 11 November 2010

Meet Mohrys!

This is Mohrys.

Well, this isn't Mohrys, but, like this particular model, Mohrys is an Arcanist, a simple, 1 point, Repairing, Power Boosting, Concentrated Powering Arcanist.  He is also the bane of my Meta.  Over his last three games, he has personally killed off Deneghra and Captain Rengrave, held up a Berserker in melee combat for three rounds AND still found time to ensure that nearby Phoenixes are fully repaired.

He is, in short, badass.  His mate is Roi, who took an full unit of charging Bane Thralls to bring down.  Equally badass.

This is the lesson of the day, Arcanists are badass.

In other news, my Christmas order has been made!  Incoming soon are...

10 Houseguard Halberdiers + UA
Skeryth Issyen
2 Hydras

Should give some fun times!

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