Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mangled Metal : Scrapyard

Today's recommendation for a new game type is what, as of Monday Night, we've taken to calling Mangled Metal : Scrapyard.

The format is simple; 50 point Mangled Metal with 2 'casters.  No support, no solos, nothing but 2 battle wizards and their 'jacks or 'beasts - last person with both 'casters AND 'jacks on the table is the winner!

And, most importantly, there are a LOT of 'jacks on the table.

I know what you're thinking from that picture above and yes, you're right.  I DID get massacred.  Thing is, even as I got stomped into the ground, it still felt like a close game, where one wrong move on either side would spell the end of the game and a bit of Focus mismanagement will put you in a REALLY bad spot.

This has actually got some of us into thinking through proper lists for this format.  I genuinely believe Retribution can do well in this format, and am considering making a list around Kaelyssa and Ravyn that focusses purely on Assassination (Kaelyssa under the effects of Phantom Hunter and Ravyn's Feat would easily take three Focus off an enemy 'caster - and hopefully do some damage - on a vital turn...).

But more on that as it comes...  Next week...  Another game with the Ossyan theme force (probably!)

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