Friday, 4 May 2012

And now for something completely different... Part 1 : Epic Kaya!

As some of you may remember during the heady days of the Western Immoren Economy Tour, I started a small Circle army and, now that I've managed to scrape together the cash for the plastic Warpwolves...

...I've finished it!  Currently, the force is;

Kaya the Moonhunter
-Pureblood Warpwolf
-Feral Warpwolf
-2xWarpwolf Stalker
Druids of Orboros + Overseer
Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Min Warpborn Skinwalkers

I've truly messed up the painting of the Druids, but I've signed up for a slow-grow league where I'll be making an epic Baldur list, so I'm considering picking up a new unit for that to try again.  Still, the army is nice to pull out when I want something to brutalise some poor bastard - it's fast, it hits hard, it's fast, it hits hard, it's fast and, last but not least, it hits really, really hard.

I'm still looking for ways to keep Laris alive for a full battle, though.  Answers, as always, on a postcard to;

42 Orboros Avenue
South of Bainsmarket
Wilds of Cygnar

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