Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Firstest Evar Tournament!

I'm quite vocal about my general dislike of competitive play, but I still wanted to go to a tournament, just to say I'd been, and today was that tournament!  Due to it being a bit of a late planned event, only four people actually turned up, but meh, here's my story of my first 35 point tournament...


Lord Arcanist Ossyan
-Sylys Wyshnalyrr
10 Riflemen + UA
10 Riflemen + UA
2 Arcanists

Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper
10 Mage Hunter Strike Force + UA
2 Mage Hunter Assassins
2 Arcanists
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

GAME ONE - Ossyan Vs Caine (Gauntlet)

Captain Allister Caine
6 Gun Mages + UA
6 Gun Magers
6 Rangers
6 Rangers
Black 13th
Gun Mage Captain Adept

Thanks to Ossyan's theme force, Hypnos got Admonition, the Banshee got Quicken, Ossyan got Chronomancer and one of the Rifleman units got Shatterstorm.  I pushed my 'jacks up the middle as a Riflemen unit went up each flank.  He misjudged his Ranger unit on the flank with the unit of Shatterstorm'd Riflemen, leaving them within 3" of the edge of a forest and consequently left with two members - they never passed a CMD check for the rest of the game.

Hypnos managed to get a few good shots on the 'jacks, Void Locking Caine's Hunter while allowing Ossyan to arc Arkantrik Bolt into the Marshall'd one, locking them both down, while the Banshee managed to kill a few Rangers and knock Caine's Hunter into the Black 13th, killing Ryan.  In return, all the gun mages in the army AND both Hunters left Hypnos with one box on the Cortex, which was promptly used to get two from Ossyan to shoot at Caine, followed by a seven-man CRA from a unit of Riflemen, which left Caine on negative health.

I've never seen anyone get any CPs on Gauntlet.  It's basically glorified 'caster kill.

GAME TWO - Kaelyssa Vs The Butcher (Destruction)

The Butcher
-War Dog
6 Winter Guard + UA + 2 Rocketeers
2 Eliminators
2 Eliminators
Kovnik Grigorvich
Man o' War Drakhun (Mounted)
Saxon Orrik

Yeah.  I got mauled.  I forgot about Counter-Charge on the Drakhun and that messed up my entire game.  Highlights that I remember from the blur after that included missing a 'jack in melee with Kiss of Lylyss, meaning I hit my own Strike Force in the back with it (effective ARM 9.  Oh yeah...) and only avoiding getting mauled by a unit of Eliminators due to exceedingly unlucky dice on the other guy's part.

I managed to win by getting two VERY lucky shots off with my Hydra, killing the Butcher.  I didn't deserve this win - I allowed myself to be flustered by getting caught out by a rule I hadn't accounted for and then fluked an assassination.

I'll take the win, though :p

Overall?  While I enjoyed it, I'm not a massive fan of timed turns, and I'm certainly not a fan of how much they start messing with my mind, even in a two game event - little mistakes start snowballing, and I found that incredibly stressful.  Still, the actual games themselves were good fun!  I could see myself doing it again if I knew the other players were about my level.

I've also picked up almost all the bits needed for my Mercenary army, too.  Pictures to follow at some point!

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