Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Slow-Grow Month 1 - Baldur Rocks!

As I mentioned about this time last month, I'm playing epic Baldur in a slow-grow league!  Currently, I'm running...

Epic Baldur

The current plan is that the Woldwarden tramples forward, pops his animus and Geomancies Roots of the Earth, then Megalith tramples forward and Geomancies Roots of the Earth and finally Baldur walks forward, casts Roots of the Earth and then a rock wall in front of the wolds, so it looks a bit like this;

The end result is a DEF 14, ARM 21 Woldwarden and a DEF 14 ARM 22 Megalith that can't be moved or knocked down.  Or even engaged by a large number of non-reach infantry.  Oh, and everyone regenerates SOMETHING as long as Megalith is alive - Megalith regenerates D3, the Warden gets 1 as long as it's in base contact with Megakith and Baldur basically ignores the Devourer's Debt for the first two turns.

Oh, a quick note on the Ritual of Renewal - I've yet to find a need for it.  Sure, Baldur takes some damage, but when he starts getting P+S 18-20, he can start wrecking heavies, let alone enemy 'casters.

Still, Baldur has yet to let me down - I've gone 4-0 at the 15 point level.  One more week at 15, then onto the heady heights of 25 points!


  1. Rock Wall is such a dirty spell with Circle, I love it!

  2. +4 DEF in Circle? On the same 'caster that gives his troops +3 ARM? Dirty? I'm sure I don't know what you mean :p