Sunday, 24 October 2010

Quick! Get them before their parents notice!

This is actually an account of the events of last Friday, but events have conspired to make this the first chance I've really had to write it.  Last Friday was meant to be a Shadowrun game, but our GM is hilariously unreliable so two of us ended up playing Warmachine.  Even though we'd sent a text message as early as we could, our last player turned up anyway so we did the only logical thing we could think of - we got her playing Warmachine.

In what can only be described as a trial by fire, we had just set up a 25pt Rahn list across from a Madrak list, and all that really happened was she switched seats with me and played with me helping out occasionally.  We had the following minor issues that we had to overcome;
  • I'm still in MkI mode.  It's just a few things, but I sometimes use MkI rulings instead of MkII.
  • The other guy had been playing for two weeks at most, and is the only Hordes player in the store.
  • The girl we were helping has excellent English, but is not a Native-level speaker.
  • Due to having other things to do, my Tier 3 Rahn list has one model painted, which is fine because most of us can tell the difference between a Mage and a Magister...
  • I couldn't explain drinking if I had an unlimited supply of water to demonstrate with.

So we fucked it up, we got stuff wrong, we ended up calling Fury "Angry Points" to aid differentiation between Focus and Fury, the Magisters became the "Teapot guys", and she ended up lining up her Battle Mages AND Magisters in near base to base conga line with a Troll Impaler.  We also had fun.  Loads and loads of fun.  With neither side playing to win, the Dire Troll two-handed threw stuff, the Phoenix combusted repeatedly on the Fennblades and...  Everything else.  She also became the first person in our store to bring down the Mauler after it totalled a Phoenix, pouring the Battle Mages, Magisters and Rahn's spells into it.

It hammered home to me one of the best parts of this game for me, and it's not winning, it's not even playing - it's being present in the electric feeling of two people just kicking back having loads of fun.  While it's great to have a combo click for you, it's just as good to see someone else's face light up as they realise some new and hilarious way of bringing the pain on one of your mates, or to realise you have a shot at assassinating by throwing a Heavy into a Warcaster.  It isn't the crushing of enemies, the seeing of them driven before you or even hearing the lamentations of the women - a good, fun game is what is best in life.

Oh, and by the way, she and two other people are thinking of picking up Legion.  Our meta is currently three people - it will DOUBLE with Nyss, and there still won't be a single player using humans currently among us.  Still, may be time to pick up Lanyssa Ryssyl and the Nyss Rangers...

PS - the title comes across as a bit dodgy, but I bet it'll get hits! It's ACTUALLY a reference to getting Soulless Iosans just after they've been born.  Honest.  And now I've put that, you can't get mad and you'll look really stupid if you leave a comment bitching about it.  I win, ha.


  1. I approve of having an awesome time with new players, even if you screwed up a rule or two along the way. Well done, sirrah!

    I don't approve of all this Legion stuff though, do something about that, will you? ;)

  2. I genuinely believe it's the best way of getting new players - at some point, every Warmachine player has to be dumped into the deep end with a ton of stuff they only barely understand, may as well get it out the way at the beginning :P

    Also, Legion fever has subsided, and has been left with a few people going "yeah, maybe as a second army..." Our meta's still doubled though ;) Mostly Merc players, oddly enough...