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IKRPG! Life in Khardov, Part 6: The Chosen of Morrow.

I'm actually hugely excited by this lot - they're my favourite group I've come up with so far (it's why I did them near the end, to give myself something to look forward to!).  The Chosen of Morrow are a group of vigilantes who used to be members of the Order of Illumination before they overstepped their boundaries, killing not just Infernalists, Thamarites and criminals, but moving on to suspected Thamarites, "evil" Menites and anyone else who essentially looks at them funny.  To this end, even their faith has failed them and their priestly powers have gone as they have descended into a cycle of hatred and persecution.

Not ones to think badly of themselves, the Chosen believe that this is a test from Morrow, that they must take on the darkness without His help.  They are a group of psychopaths who have a cause, and it's still to be seen if the party will be attacked by them, or if they can direct them to attack their enemies.

Father Konrad Vorisk
A former Morrowan priest from a village just outside of Khardov, Father Vorisk felt compelled by a series of dreams of Ascendant Katrina to leave his church and move to Khardov to cleanse the streets of crime and Thamarites.  Despite his initial good intentions, he has gradually descended into an orgy of violence, murdering near enough anything short of priests and those decked out in Morrowan paraphernalia he comes across.
Also, Harlan Versh is a bad ass motherfucker.
Vorisk randomly wanders around (sorry, he's shown his path by Morrow...) and kills anything that gets in his way. Screaming passages from the Enkehidrion as he walks confidently towards his target, swinging his sword and blasting away with his pistol, he makes for a terrifying sight to anyone who isn't confirmed as being on his side - and many who are.

Ivan Kaztenki
Where Vorisk is a loud, bombastic zealot, Kaztenki is the calm, collected centre of the team.  A Morrowan Gunmage who believes firmly in Vorisk's rhetoric, Kaztenki makes for a terrifying presence - a simmering intensity that burns through his amicable veneer.
Somewhere between Judge Dredd and Dumbledore, there is Ivan Kaztenki...
In combat, Kaztenki becomes a whirlwind of bullets and magic, firing at anything he doesn't recognise as being on his side.  Unlike many fighters, he fires off bullets at as many targets as possible instead of focussing on one target until dead, allowing him to gun down whole groups without waiting to confirm his kills.  This method, however, does mean he gets less kills than the rest of the Chosen.

Alyssa Di Santi
Di Santi lost her faith a lot earlier than the rest of the Chosen.  Having fought for her homeland from 603 to 607AR and watching Khadorans subjugate her people, the Knight of the Prophet went from fighting Khadorans on the battlefield, to waylaying Khadorans as a guerilla, to eventually travelling to Khardov to at least direct her anger at Khadoran criminals.  Despite having given up on everything, she now follows Vorisk around, firmly in the belief that if she should die fighting for him, she will at least die serving Morrow.
Some days you're the paladin, and some days the best picture in ten attempts is still out of focus.
Alyssa has a lightning fast technique in combat that involves her darting in with her blade and slashing at vital organs and arteries.  She fights every fight as if it was her last - if only because she doesn't care if it is or not - which makes her all out assaults an unstoppable barrage of death.

Erik Arkaim
It's a sad state of affairs when it's a legitimate claim that the Wizard who's short a few marbles is the sanest of the group, but between the psychopathy, the suicidal tendencies and the general delusions, Arkaim is just slightly mental.  While he's not a fanatic like the other three Chosen, he's still with them because he's finding it entertaining, and the rest tolerate his insane cackling because they believe he's with them because he's a devout Morrowan.  Both win this time.
In no way does this guy scream "crazy wizard" to me.  I don't know where anyone could get that from...
In combat, Arkaim acts with all the subtlety of a Khadoran freight train, all but dancing about the battlefield, calling down fire and ice and hurling his opponents into whatever's about at the time.  He's a walking collateral damage risk, but let's face it, if the civilians were going to die, they were going to die anyway...

Almost to the end of this rogue's gallery, but next comes the Ex-Crew, who will prove that the biggest criminal offence in Khardov is having sex with a miner...

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