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IKRPG! Life in Khardov, Part 7: The Ex Crew and the Retribution of Scyrah

Two smaller groups this time; The Ex-Crew and the Retribution of Scyrah Cell that's operating just outside of Khardov.  These two have been lumped together as, between them, they only really have three named members.  The Ex Crew is a group of undead with very little personality, and the Retribution are closer to an enemy group that's primarily cannon fodder (well, about ten members, but only 2 aren't just "mage hunter").

The Ex-Crew
Khardov has mines, which means it has an infestation of Shaft Wights - that's the way of Caen.  Unique among the Shaft Wight packs, however, Khardov's pack isn't dedicated to just killing more people and digging to a central location.
Jooooooooooooooooooooin usssssssssssss........
This is due to a single person, a man who, sadly for how remarkable he turned out to be, died about fifteen months ago.  This man was...

Marek Danislav, the last foreman
The foreman in a minor mine in one of the lesser Kayazy's holdings, Marek Danislav was a genuinely thoughtful and liked man to all who knew him, and was, in turn, protective of his charges.  When a Shaft Wight attack threatened his men, he stayed behind to hold the undead off while they fled, and eventually sacrificed himself by blowing the whole shaft with a keg of blasting powder to cut them off from the living.

He awoke a week later, but not in his body.  As a ghost in the mines, he's found himself with the ability to control nearby Shaft Wights, and the love his men had for him has transferred to them somehow.  He's taken this as a chance to keep them from attacking people.

Ghost miners to lead zombie miners.  Now I just need Vampire miners, mummy miners and under miners.
Woe betide those who attempt to attack Danislav.  If would-be assailants have the ability to get around his incorporeal nature, they still have to get past his hammer - a concussive maul that will slam his opponents into the nearest wall of the mine.  If he needs to, he also has minor control over his mine, and a few other spectral powers of telekinesis and general manipulative dickery.  But he's mainly all about the hammer.

The Retribution of Scyrah
About five years ago, cells of Mage Hunters were sent out across Khador to keep an eye on the Greylords. Many of these cells still don't know about Nyssor, or the legitimisation of the Retribution in Ios, and many wouldn't care if they did.  Having waited for almost twenty seasons for instructions, they are now becoming bored, and have started raiding Khardov for supplies and indiscriminately killing anyone that comes past their cave lair.

While it's hard, if you can get into contact with the cell, they will welcome locations of mages to kill, and, quite frankly, won't question where the information comes from.

Tybias, Shadow's Bane
Calm, serene, gentle, considerate.  These are all words that don't even slightly describe Tybias, the leader of the Retribution "forces" near Khardov.  A third generation mage hunter, Tybias' family has participated in most of the defining moments of the Retribution for over two hundred years, and this is something that has weighed heavy on his mind as he's been left for half a decade, seemingly ignored by the Retribution and the Fane of Scyrah.  He doesn't even know of recent developments and the rise of the Retribution as a legitimate power in Ios - at this point, it's doubtful he really cares.
In keeping with random outburst of positivity I sometimes inject into these captions - I fucking love this model.
In the inevitable fight that happens when Tybias shows up, he sticks to the shadows and fires off Phantom Seeker bolts at, in order, any human with magical powers, anything that seems to know where he is, then anyone else who may have been involved.  He's also fairly good with his sword, but tends to use it to parry enemy attacks and get to a firing position where most melee fighters won't be able to get to him.

An Iosan mage with a vague power of prescience, Shyndri works with Tybias to plan the Retribution's raids into the city.  While she tends towards vague, half-dreamed predictions of events yet to come, she can usually gain some insight into a plan, whether it will work and whether it will be advantageous to the cell's ends.  Shyndri dreams of a time when she can go back to Ios and live with elves who don't just acknowledge her only as a walking predictor.
Holt not included.
Shyndri's never actually been in combat, and has very little in the way of actual power when it comes to killing other people, with spells or with her fists.  What she DOES have, however, is a team of Mage Hunters who will die to keep her alive.  If a fighter somehow manages to corner her on her own, they'll probably be on the receiving end of some wildly flung spells and terminal sobbing.  Be afraid.

Right!  One organisation left, and it's only the Khadoran military!  Hey, how big can it be?

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