Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mercenary Tendencies 1.1 : MCBAAAAAAAIN!

I finished these babies last night, and just wanted to throw 'em up

From left to right; Rustbucket, Reinholdt, Crash, McBain, Clanky (also pictured, my Mage Hunter Strike Force that I've been putting off 'cos I hate infantry.  Not pictured, the parts to make up the legless War Hog just off to the left).  While these babies required vastly more cleaning than any of the Ret kits I've got, they were also vastly more fun to put together - the Merc kit comes with haulage to add on and the arms and heads are infinitely more posable.

Plus it feels far better when you start hacking it up and painting it as covered in rust and oil!  More Merc kits may come after I've finished this McBain list...

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